From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction
In my latest book, I'm on a mission to communicate an empowering message: "You and your friends can have fun, get fit and lose weight!"

Just before turning 60, I totally remade my life. After chronicling my 62-pound weight loss—shrinking from a size 18 to a size 6—in weekly newspaper articles, I inspired more than 1,000 people to team up and lose nearly 8,000 pounds of fat in two months.

Dr. Henry S. Lodge, coauthor of the New York Times Best Seller Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year for Women, calls it "a remarkable book about the remarkable person inside each of us. Whenever you decide to take charge of the rest of your life, Carole Carson will be waiting to show you the way."

Watch the story of the Nevada County Meltdown—an 8-ton group weight loss event—and then launch your own.

Carole highlights the benefits of eating apples—from nutrition to increased stamina and reduced belly fat.
October 14, 2013,

Carole explains how this 7-minute workout performed daily is the equivalent of an hour in a gym and a long run.
October 11, 2013,

Carole explains how tackling obesity as a community is an idea whose time has come.
January 4, 2013, AOL.Huffington Post

Carole explains why we eat too much and psychologist Dr. Abramson explains how we can respond effectively to cues that trigger overeating.
March 12, 2012, AOL Huffington Post

Carole shares a slow-cooking recipe for banana acorn muffins—Maidu Indian style.
January 25, 2012,

Carole reminds us to care for our body—especially our heart—as well as our loved ones on Valentine’s Day.
January 24, 2012, Regina Leader-Post

Carole gives keynote speech to participants in the 2012 weight race event in Stephens Point, Wisconsin.
January 12, 2012, WSAW TV Web Channel

Carole cites fitness trends and developments to watch for in 2012.
January 10, AOL Huffington Post

Carole interviews Dr. Howard Rankin, behavioral psychologist, to learn why making changes is so difficult.
June 30, 2011,

Carole asks whether we can create a national challenge to end obesity in 10 years, just as President Kennedy’s vision inspired us to put man on the moon in 10 years.
June 12, 2011,

Carole asks the difficult but pressing question: Who should pick up the tab for medical care?
May 17, 2011,

Carole encourages individuals to tap into their “innergy” to lose weight and get fit before it’s too late.
April 6, 2011,

Carole reviews diets and shares her experience in losing weight with resistant starch.
March 30, 2011,

Carole reports on breaking news: obesity as the new norm, the emotional toll of obesity and architectural designs that promote movement.
March 24, 2011,

Carole and Dr. Jennifer Lovejoy discuss a controversial question: “Is obesity is a character flaw or a chronic neurochemical disease?”
March 10, 2011,

Carole reviews the barriers to reversing obesity trend in Canada, not unlike those facing citizens in U.S.
March 7, 2011,

Carole explains how to go from fat to fit—at any age.
March 7, 2011,

Carole discusses how a healthy lifestyle can prevent medical conditions.
February 22, 2011,

Carole shares tips for smart snacking.
February 1, 2011,

From Fat to Fit was named a finalist in the health and fitness category of the National Best Book Awards, sponsored by
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